Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

A comprehensive hearing test is necessary in order establish the type and severity of the hearing loss that you may have. The hearing test will help us in determining the best treatment options for you.

What tests will be done?

The specific tests done during the evaluation will depend on the patient’s age, symptoms, and medical history. In general, a diagnostic hearing evaluation will include otoscopy, pure tone testing, bone conduction testing, and speech testing.

What can I expect during a diagnostic hearing evaluation?

You can expect the testing to last about 30 minutes. After the evaluation we will review and interpret the results with you. We will make sure all your questions are answered so that we can begin working on the best treatment plan for you.

It is a great idea to bring a family member with you to the appointment. We understand that hearing loss is a family issue, and it helps to have another supportive person with you during the appointment to help you understand all the information.

Before your appointment, a medical history will be reviewed and we will want to hear about any complaints you have about your hearing including any concerns you may have about exposure to noise, tinnitus and balance problems.